These former ‘Progress Products’ replicas are now available from -

Eirl Gabriel Mouilhade "Esson trains d'autrefois "

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Bassett-Lowke had products made for them by the French-owned Nuremberg company Carette; by Bing who used the Carette couplings after acquiring their tooling; and briefly pre WW2 by Märklin who otherwise supplied Gamages.

Bing Replica G0 drop-link coupling  >>>

                                         1900 - 1908

                Spare drop-links are available.

Carette_G0_prongs_repair patch2

Jep ‘symmetrical’ auto-coupling  >>>

LR - Le Rapide -

by Louis Roussy of France  >>>

If you require the earlier version as illustrated here                              >>>

- we have also replicated this. Because most of the demand for them is in France we passed all remaining stock to our former French agent, Didier Niquet -


<<<  Carette G0 Drop-link Couplings

                                             1909 - 1917

           Spare drop-links are available.

<<<  A patch is available for ‘prong-fixing’ couplings, where a prong has broken off.


<<<  Jep ‘Croc’ couplings.

The last of our stock was passed to Monsieur Didier Niquet, our agent in France at the time. Please contact him in the first instance -

If his stock is exhausted then please enquire of Monsieur Gabriel Mouilhade - see our Home page.


Please contact him in the first instance. When his stock is exhausted please enquire of  the new manufacturer, Gabriel Mouilhade - see our home page.

Märklin drop-link coupling  >>>

1905 - 1915