These former Progress Products items are now made and supplied by Gabriel Mouilhade in France. Please see our Home page.

Hornby large and small drop-link couplings

Hornby English, French and bogie auto-couplings

Hornby type 30/31 tab and slot coupling

Hornby-Jep adaptor coupling (to run Hornby and Jep in one train)

Bing G0 drop-link coupling 1900 – 1908

Bing G0 drop-link coupling 1908 – 1934

Bing G0 tab & slot - long

Bing G0 tab & slot - short

Carette G0 Drop-link coupling 1909 – 1917  (A repair patch is available for ‘prong-fixing’ couplings)

Ernst Plank G0/G1 drop-link coupling - large

Ernst Plank G0/G1 drop-link coupling - small

Jep ‘Croc’ coupling with circular or rectangular bracket

Jep ‘symmetrical’ auto-coupling

LR early coupling

LR later coupling

Märklin G0 drop-link coupling 1905 - 1915