We acquired remaining stocks of these Wessex (Horton) wagon bodies which were hugely popular some years ago. We have sold many on our etched chassis. Now we offer them on our laser-and-etch chassis.

In 2020 we handed production of replica couplings to Gabriel Mouilhade of France, in order to concentrate on ready-to-run products. We clearly need couplings for RTR products and so I have designed our own drop-link and Hornby-compatible auto- couplings. The new design simplifies manufacturing and by using stainless steel I have eliminated the chemical blackening process. Also, we have phased out our former powder-coating process and most chassis will be supplied in the current baked acrylic paint finish.


Price complete with couplings etc. 27.95 each.

- remember to specify standard options - click on ‘chassis’ tab to left for details.

With tinplate wheels - add 1.40

With Jep couplings - add 2.75

Please enqure for postage.