A few pictures - memories of ‘Progress Products’ wagons over the last twenty years.

Simmers1 drum_AEIx2_ebay

They were well received but time-consuming to manufacture -


- so a re-design was called for.

First came the etched ‘versatile’ chassis. It was designed for easier assembly and serves in many guises. The deck is free of obstruction so chocks can slide (for road vehicle carriers) or they can be locked in place (for drum carriers) or container pockets can be fitted. We have a new wide range of containers planned and will provide more variants of the cable-drum.

It was designed to take adaptor plates for Hornby-style bodies such as Wessex.


Next came the laser/etch version. Laser-cut ‘Zintec’ (mild steel with a protective zinc coating) is used for the deck, solebars and buffer beam. The latter, unlike the etched chassis, are a single fold, i.e. not folded under. They are however thoroughly de-burred to give a smooth edge. For ease of manufacture the W-irons and springs are etched to provide detail. See it under the Wessex ‘England’s Glory’ wagon.


We powder-coated our chassis for some time but found the process difficult within a ‘cottage industry’ environment. We now paint them with a black acrylic and bake them for an hour to give a good durable finish.