Bogies (Trucks)

We haven't yet produced any 8-wheel vehicles, but we have bogies in readiness!

Our design was inspired by the bogies under TriAng BigBig gondolas, but we made the bottom bar on ours straight for strength and to suit our manufacturing methods. It will serve well under scratchbuild projects or for adapting vehicles to tinplate standards - including the TriAng gondola!

One customer bought the sideframes alone to repair a Bassett-Lowke bogie, to which ours bears a resemblance though ours has a slightly longer wheelbase.

To mount each bogie we shall include a button-head screw, a large and a small washer and a Nyloc-type nut. Our idea is that you put the large washer between bogie and chassis, small washer under the nut and tighten to allow free movement with minimal rock. At one end you may choose to leave a slacker mounting to accommodate unevenness in the track.

The bogies are offered with Metcalfe replica plastic Hornby wheels or with Tony Funnell’s tinplate wheels. Axles are standard Hornby length and diameter.

The bogies were designed for Hornby wheels, which turn on their axles. We do not recommend the use of rotating axles as the thickness of metal does not provide adequate bearing surface.

Per pair of bogies -

With plastic wheels - 11.95

With tinplate wheels - 14.75

Without wheelsets - 7.95