Coach lighting

Coach lighting - post-war French Hornby

It was not practical to make a replica of the Hornby originals. Instead we designed a functional equivalent that we could make within our manufacturing facilities.

The spring wire contact bears against the bogie axles. It is essential for the later plastic bogies. As it can only improve operation on the earlier metal bogies we fit it to all.

A suitable bulb is included in the price.

Several have been sold to French collectors and were well received.



The units are offered as a single with bulb in a protective plastic box    @ 12.70

              or as a pair with bulbs in box           @ 24.40

Coach lighting - Jep

We have been asked to produce coach lighting kits for Jep.

The pandemic rather distracted us from the task, but parts have been designed and cut and we hope that the design will prove viable. They won’t be ready tomorrow or the day after - but we’ll do our best! Please check this page from time to time.