Hornby eyelets & tool

Eyelet-setting kit.


Hardware and D-I-Y stores often sell eyelet pliers, but they are usually oversize for Hornby purposes and will not do a good job. Maun is a British company known for pliers-based tools - the traditional ticket-inspector’s punch for example - and their quality is excellent.


Here is their eyelet-setting tool for Hornby-size eyelets.

It is adequate for flat wagons and bare chassis but obviously cannot reach inside vans and coaches.

Fortunately the dies are removable. This enabled us to offer the kit below. A few pictures will make its use clear.


For use in 'long-reach' mode, the lower rod (notched) is fitted to the circular base (screw provided). The notch accommodates the lip on the van end.

Fit an eyelet over the sprung plunger in the die and proceed thus -


If you are fortunate to have access to a bench drill you will find this a useful configuration if you have a few couplings to fit.


Price - 21.00

UK postage - 4.00

Overseas please enquire.

Each kit will include twenty black eyelets. These are ‘nicked’ to ensure good forming with the setting kit.


Packs of eyelets are available separately from -

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